Clean personal care for hair & skin

Plant-based ingredients gentle enough for everyone, every day.

Better basics

Because what goes on, goes in.

Pure & gentle hair care for all

Our shampoo & conditioner use plant-based ingredients which are gentle enough to use everyday.


From head to toe.

A balanced blend of clean ingredients to nurture you hair and body. Discover how we keep our formulas free of toxins.

Telford Talk...

"Nothing has ever felt or smelt better than Telford. I look forward to washing my hands.”

Y.K, Canada

"I am obsessed with all the Telford products! All of them have become an essential part of my shower routine! The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling perfectly clean but not dry and coarse. The body wash and lotion are perfect for my skin and smell amazing. I also love knowing that they have natural ingredients that won’t harm my skin!”

A.K, Canada

Wonderful meal and service! The design of the kitchen and bathrooms are stunning and I will be coming back just to pick up some of that gorgeous soap!

OpenTable, Diner